Be a Part of
the Wolf Creek Pack!

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." -Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book


The work that is required on a daily basis is phenomenal to help save the lives of as many at-risk dogs and wolfdogs, and more than one person can do on their own. This is where our community, that we are ever thankful for, steps in! From day to day operations, social media posts and management, adoption events, fundraisers, and more - there is a place and need for everyone in our community!

Read along to find out some of the options available to join the Wolf Creek pack, and decide what works best for you! Or, shoot us a message, and let us know your visions of making a difference!
One of the most beautiful things about rescue is the community it builds - compassionate hearts, brought together by a greater good. Through the good days, and the roughest of the rough, we are reminded daily how lucky we are for everyone who has decided to stand with us, and we thank you all.




Volunteers are a huge part of our community! Ranging from helping at adoption events, helping with fundraisers, or contributing online, there are countless ways that volunteers help improve and build Wolf Creek Dog Rescue & our community.



A large part of rescue is emergency veterinary fees, daily food bills,and facility upgrades such as yard additions. Most of these expenses are paid for directly out of pocket by the founders, and as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to finance all the surprises and bumps that come with a rescue. Donations, financial and material, help make sure the day to day is covered, as well as helping prepare for any emergency situations.

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Amazon donates a percentage of eligible purchases to Wolf Creek Dog Rescue!
By using and selecting Wolf Creek Dog Rescue as your charity when you shop for your favorite things, you help support us without spending an extra penny! Make sure you share this information for an even wider impact.
(We also have a wishlist of a number of important items the rescue could benefit from, located here: )

So many dogs, not enough room or love!

Fosters help with the immense load of all the homeless dogs looking for their "forever". By opening your home to a dog in need, you are providing that dog with a home-like feeling while they wait for their permanent one, and drastically broaden the reach of good that we can do!
Any of our "Adoptable" dogs are also available to foster, or send us a message with your fostering ability and we will keep it on record for future use!