Saving Lives, One Dog at a Time!
Who We Are, and Why We Do What We Do...


Wolf Creek Dog Rescue is a family owned and operated 501(c)3 non-profit dog rescue and wolfdog sanctuary located past Temecula's Wine Country. Our goal is and always has been to do whatever we can to save and improve the lives of as many dogs as possible, considering the joy and love they bring to ours!

The dream began with the compassion for animals that was instilled at an early age from father to daughter - our founders and main operators, Marcus and Mariah von Weigert. The drive was fueled as Mariah grew up, and found the most loyal best friends in her two rescue dogs, Thor and Lucky, who it could be argued actually SAVED HER.

Upon moving out to the country in 2010, the dog rescue motivation and operation began. Due to Mariah's experience in training and behavior modification, and the duo's big hearts, many dogs began finding their safe place at Wolf Creek Dog Rescue when they had no other options, until their forever homes could be found.

By 2015, it became apparent for the volume of work being done, it was necessary to take the steps needed to become a federally recognized non-profit dog rescue, so Mariah put together the paperwork and WCDR was granted non-profit status November of 2015!

Since 2015, we have provided rescue, medical care, medical/behavior rehabilitation, and shelter for over 100 lucky dogs, and have become well-known for our skills and specialization with different breeds requiring special consideration and ownership, such as Dogo Argentinos and other Mastiff breeds, and the various wolfdogs who call our sanctuary home.

We have had the pleasure of placing and training several of our rescue dogs as service dogs for their adoptive families, which is always a wonderful thing to be a part of. We have also successfully provided professional training to countless dogs at risk of losing their homes due to problem behaviors in an effort to reduce the number of dogs in the community looking for intake into a rescue.

Since officially establishing as a 501(c)3, we've worked on and accomplished a phenomenal amount of good, but there is ALWAYS more to do! We have been fortunate to grow over the last 3 years to an established staff of about 7 dedicated volunteers, but we are always looking to grow our community!










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